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Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, investor, and heavily involved in various philanthropic pursuits. He graduated from Florida State with a B.S. in Marketing, and has since gone on to co-found a number of companies and find great success in the business world. Based in the San Francisco area, Chackerian is well known for his experience in various healthcare-related industries, general business, and community-oriented philanthropic endeavors. While much of his work-related experience is tied to the healthcare industry, Chackerian is also widely known for his support of the environment, especially through sustainability-oriented ventures, as well as various projects striving to further youth educational opportunities.

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, angel investor and dedicated philanthropist.

Much of Chackerian’s experience is related to the healthcare industry. He has co-founded a number of startup healthcare companies, including PipelineRx, which is a national provider of telephone-based pharmacy services, TMS Health Solutions, which is an integrated behavioral healthcare provider, and BMC Diagnostics, which is a national leader in diagnostic imaging and related services. Additionally, he also served as Executive Vice President at PSS/World Medical, which supplies medical products on an international level.

He has two decades of experience in the healthcare field and is currently Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, which invests in healthcare companies in the early stages of startup that are seeking to revolutionize healthcare in America. His previous experience with a variety of startup companies has proven invaluable to his current position. The biggest goal of his current enterprise is to help bridge the gap between technology and the healthcare field, understanding that implementing the right tools can make the process of providing healthcare more streamlined, and provide for better patient outcomes due to better real-time data sharing and much more.

Chackerian is also just as well known for his philanthropic efforts as his is for his business acumen. He has invested and partnered with a variety of non-profit organizations that seek to expand youth educational opportunities to communities in need. He is currently working with organizations in the United States, Armenia, and Nicaragua.

Currently, Chackerian is most deeply involved with Limonapa Teak, a teak farm that is located in Nicaragua. The farm utilizes sustainable practices and always has their eye on responsible environmental and social stewardship. In addition to providing a product that does not destroy the environment in the process of its production, Limonapa Teak provides hundreds of jobs that pay decent wages to the local citizens in the surrounding communities.

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