Healthcare Sector Becomes New Dawn of Stock Investment

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One aspect of the investment sector that one should never underestimate is the power that dividends possess. Dividends play a significant role in increasing the value of your investment returns, especially if you continually reinvest them for a prolonged period. Once the annual dividends are declared at the end of each year, many investors withdraw the accrued dividend amount and put it into use. But these investors may not understand the role that capital could have played in increasing their return on investment if they reinvested it. Another tricky decision that challenges investors is which stock to invest in. Recently, the healthcare sector has made significant progress, which has impacted the investment industry by providing viable stocks in the investment market that normally give investors lucrative returns. Below are three highly-recommended stocks in the healthcare sector.


Pfizer is one of the most stable stocks in the stock market, having paid its investors dividends since 1938. The company, which is a drug manufacturer, also boasts a lucrative return on its investors’ funds, with a stable interest rate of over 3.7%. Recently, the performance of the stock has faced challenges due to reduced sales of some of the manufacturer’s drugs. Dr. Ian Read, the CEO of Pfizer, however, stated that the performance of the stock is expected to improve shortly, hopefully within the year.


This company, which owns massive prime property in the urban markets, is the largest real estate investment trust that focuses on global healthcare. The company owns a lot of prime property in the form of health facilities, which enables it to return impressive investment yields to its shareholders. With this kind of focus, the stock of the company is expected to continue growing, even in the long term.


This company is one of the biggest international drug manufacturers. The stock of the company has managed to yield a constant dividend of more than 4%, which is expected to increase after the launch of new drugs to treat cancer and hepatitis C.

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